Lawn Care Services & Landscaping in Liberty, MO

Liberty, MO Lawn Care and LandscapingWhen we founded Archer Lawn Care, we wanted to create a professional, dependable company that Liberty homeowners and business owners alike could depend on for quality lawn care and landscaping services along with excellent customer service. We are a full-service company who can handle any lawn or landscape service you may need year round.

Landscaping Design and Maintenance

From landscape designs, to installation of those designs, to landscape maintenance, Archer Lawn Care can do it all. If you need landscaping services for your Liberty home or business, you can count on Archer to do it right. It starts with a design consultation to see exactly what you need and what kind of budget you’d like to adhere to. Then, our landscape experts show you a plan. Once all is agreed upon, we come and install it. It’s that easy. From patios and retaining walls, to fire pits and fireplaces, to pergolas and arbors, we can do it all. Instead of only being able to provide a single product or method of installation, we can provide whatever is best for you and your outdoor environment. The sky’s the limit for your Liberty landscape. Instead of having to hire multiple companies for individual projects, Archer can handle it all.

Liberty, Missouri Sprinkler & Irrigation Services

At Archer Lawn Care, we know that making sure your lawn is properly watered is one of the biggest challenges and most time-consuming lawn care duties there is. That’s why we hire irrigation specialists who really know their stuff. From commercial to residential irrigation systems, we have the parts and the training to install a new system, diagnose and repair sprinkler problems, and maintain your sprinkler system from spring through the end of fall. We specialize in multi-controller or central station irrigation systems commonly found on large commercial properties. No matter what kind of irrigation services you need, once again, Archer is the answer.

Our 7-Step Program Ensures Your Liberty Lawn Is Lush and Healthy

Archer Lawn Care understands the different growing conditions in Liberty lawns. We see extreme weather conditions from scorching summers to frigid winters. Every lawn is unique with individual soil conditions and weed issues. Our seven-step lawn care program is designed to keep your lawn healthy despite all the challenges it faces. These seven steps provide the right fertilizer and weed control, in the right amounts, at just the right time:

  1. Pre-Emergent and Fertilizer
  2. Broadleaf Weed Control and Fertilizer
  3. Summer Fertilizer
  4. Broadleaf Weed Control Treatment
  5. Fall Fertilizer
  6. Winterizer Fertilizer
  7. Grub Control

From Liberty lawn care, to landscaping design, installation and maintenance, to irrigation installation, repairs and maintenance, Archer Lawn Care is the one call to make to cover it all. If your lawn doesn’t look so great, we’ll make it look great. If your lawn already looks great, we’ll keep it looking that way. If you don’t have a lawn at all, we’ll plant a new one. Bottom line –  if you want to make your lawn and landscape look great, call Archer Lawn Care.

Call us, and we will be happy to give you a free estimate on any lawn care services you need. Call (816) 279-7200 or contact us online.

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